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 Privacy policy of the web-site

This privacy policy determines the procedure for collecting, storage, use, disclosure and transmission of information that the Center for International Education (hereinafter referred to as the company) receives from users and customers of the resource (hereinafter the user) https://istudent.kpi.ua (hereinafter - the site). The presented privacy policy extends to all related resources, subdomain, goods and services of the company.

Terms of service

Using a site means consent with this privacy policy and the conditions of processing of the user's personal data. In case of disagreement with the conditions of privacy policy, the user must stop using the site.

The privacy policy presented only applies to the real site and information data that users voluntarily provide. Its effect does not apply to third -party resources, including those that mention the site or which contain direct links to the site. The company does not check the accuracy of the personal data provided by the user.

Personal information of users processed by the company

When you visit the site, your IP address, domain name, IP registration country are automatically determined. We also record the facts of transition to the pages of the site, other information that your browser provides openly and voluntarily. These information helps to significantly simplify the use of the site, search for the materials you need or interesting to you much faster and more comfortable.

The site implements the standard technology of individualization of pages display styles and the content on them under the parameters of your cookies. Cookies is a hard drive stored on the data on the visited websites designed for the user settings, personal settings of content viewing mode. Cookies implemented on the site provides information about which third -party resource was made to the site, the name of your provider, the visitor country, data on the downloaded materials from the site. This technology is also used by Google's browser meters.

Cookies does not collect personal or confidential information about the user, this technology can be blocked when working with the site, using the settings of your browser or putting a mandatory message about the Kuki parcel.

The site implements the standard technology of calculating the number of visitors and views of pages, assessing the technical capabilities of host-service, ratings, attendance of third-party organizations. This information allows us to keep records of the activity of visitors, the relevance of the content presented, its demand, to characterize the visited audience. Such a data collection also helps us to have a page and material most convenient for users, to provide effective interaction and perfect work with visitors.

We record information about moving on the site, viewed pages in general, not personal order. No personal or individual data without the permission of users will be used or transferred to third parties.

Any personal information, including identification, is provided to users of the site only voluntarily. All the data you leave on the site when registering, when submitting documents and registration for training, filling in forms (name, e -mail address, contact phone, credit card data, bank accounts, consent for personal data processing, copies of education documents ) are kept secret and not disclosed. Each visitor to the site in the right to refuse to provide any personal information and to visit the resource on the conditions of absolute anonymity, except when these actions can interfere with the correct use of individual functions or capabilities of the site.

Objectives of Processing Personal Data of Users

The company collected information on personal data visitors can be applied for the following purposes:

Communication with the user, including the direction of messages, requests and information concerning the use of the site, the work of the company, the execution of agreements and contracts of the company, as well as processing of requests and applications from the user;

Improve the quality of customer and user service. The data you provided help to respond much more efficiently to requests or visiting visitors, customers;

Personalization of custom experience. The information is used to compile the user's portrait, the definition is interested in the content that is relevant to you services and services provided on the site.

Measures used to protect the user's personal information

The company accepts the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user's personal information from illegal or accidental access, destruction, distortion, lock, copying, distribution, as well as from other misconduct with it. Co -use of information cannot be guaranteed by 100%safe. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the safety of your information during its transmission by means of third parties or processing by third parties, although we make every effort to make sure that they use such information, according to this privacy policy and the Law of Ukraine "On Protection personal data. "

Change in privacy policy

The company reserves the right to change or adjust the rules and conditions of privacy policy. In the case of any amendments or innovations into a real policy, the date of the last update is indicated. Using this site, you agree to the above rules and conditions, as well as take responsibility for periodic familiarization with innovations and changes in privacy policy.

Giving up responsibility

The site does not provide responsibility for the actions of other sites and resources, third parties and outsiders.


All proposals or questions about the privacy policy of the Center of International Education Center The User may notify the following contacts:
Kyiv, str. Mikhailo Brychevsky 5a, office 207
e-mail: istudent[at]kpi.ua

Publication date: 01.03.2023.
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