Lisans Programı

Bachelor Degree - education and qualification level of higher education, which provides a theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient to successfully perform of professional duties in chosen specialty. Admission of foreign citizens to the "Bachelor" Degree program is carrying out on a competitive basis and in the form of a placement testing. The main conditions for admission of a foreign citizen to complete Bachelor's Degree program are: a)  Possession of a document certifying a senior secondary education; b) Language skills at a sufficient level for training, which is confirmed by a certificate of completion of the Preparatory Department. For citizens of the CIS countries, as well as for foreigners who are planning to train in the NTUU "KPI" in English, it is possible to enter to the university(as a fisrt year student) after successful passing of Placement testing without completion of a course of Preparatory Department. Bachelor’s Degree programs available in English:
INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES - IAT 134 Aviation and aerospace technologies 173 Avionics
INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - IME 131 Applied Mechanics (Manufacturing Engineering)
FACULTY OF RADIO ENGINEERING - FRE 172(from 8 people)Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (Information and Communication Radioengineering)
FACULTY OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING - FBME 163 Biomedical Engineering (Medical Engineering)
FACULTY OF ELECTRONICS - FE 171 Electronics (Electronic Components and Systems)
FACULTY OF INFORMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE - FICS 123 Computer Engineering (Computer Systems and Networks)
121 Software Engineering (Computer Systems Software Engineering)
121 Software Engineering (Software Engineering of Information Management Systems)
FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING - FMM 051 Economics (International Economics)
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