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Requirements for admission of foreign citizens to Postgraduate Training Program Admission of foreign citizens to postgraduate studies (doctoral studies) to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is carried out given : Training of PhD students starts from October 1st. Duration of training is 4 years. List of documents to be submitted for admission to postgraduate study:
  • application for admission to postgraduate study (is filled in Ukrainian with the help of scientific supervisor);
  • a copy of the master's degree (specialist), indicating the acquired specialty (qualification), and a copy of the appendix to it (with translation into Ukrainian language and certified by a notary after arrival to Ukraine). Persons who have received the relevant education abroad submit a nostrified copy of the diploma;
  • Applicant’s Research proposal with signature and written conclusion of scientific supervisor;
  • a list of published scientific works and inventions, certified by the head. the department at the place of preparation (as well as photocopies of 2-3 publications) with the evaluation of  scientific supervisor. In the list, to select publications in specialized journals and publications, registered in science-centered databases;
  • photocopy of the passport (page with photo);
  • passport and diploma (originals) are given in person.
Entrance tests for the postgraduate study at the University consist of:
  • entrance examination on specialty (in the volume of the program of the higher education level of the master's degree in the corresponding specialty);
  • Applicants who enter postgraduate studies in another field of specialization than those indicated in their master's degree (specialist) may be assigned additional entrance examinations;
  • an entrance exam in a foreign language in a volume that corresponds to level B2;
  • An entrant who has confirmed his level of knowledge, including English, a valid TOEFL certificate, or the International English Language Testing System, or the Cambrian English Language Assessment certificate, is exempted from taking a foreign language exam. When defining the results of the competition, these certificates are equated with the results of the entrance test from the foreign language with the highest score.
The sequence of compiling entrance exams for the postgraduate study is as follows:
  • additional introductory test (if necessary);
  • Foreign Language;
  • specialty.
Documents for admission to postgraduate studies can be accepted during the whole year but after special individual training program is approved.No tags for this post.