Master Degree (in English)

Master Degree - education and qualification level of specialist, which provides a special extended knowledge and innovative skills, on the basis of Bachelor Degree.

Admission of foreign citizens to the Master Degree program is carrying out on a competitive basis and in the form of a placement testing.

Entrance test consists of two subjects:

  • specialty;
  • English language;

The main conditions for admission of a foreign citizen to complete Master Degree program are:

a) Possession of a Bachelor Diploma (with matching specialty);

b) Language skills at a sufficient level for training, which is confirmed by successful passing of placement testing.

Department that provides Master Degree program also develops a major subject examination program. Department of Language Training develops a program for the language examination.

Students who have obtained Bachelor Degree outside of Ukraine should submit documents which have passed nostrification in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or in the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

To get acquainted with procedure of nostrification please contact us by phone +38(044) 236-10-63; +38(044) 454-92-51, Centre for international Education of the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Master’s Degree programs available in English:

  • Energy Management and Energy Efficiency (Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management);
  • Engineering Ecology and Resources Conservation (Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management);
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems (Institute for Applied System Analysis);
  • Foundry Engineering and Casting Process Computerization (Faculty of Physical Engineering);
  • Material Engineering of Powder Composites and Coating Layers (Faculty of Physical Engineering);
  • Metal-Physical Processes and Their Computer Modeling (Faculty of Physical Engineering);
  • Physical Materials Science (Faculty of Physical Engineering);
  • Radio Technical Information Technologies (Faculty of Radio Engineering);
  • Radio Communication and Signal Processing (Faculty of Radio Engineering);
  • Radio Systems Engineering (Faculty of Radio Engineering);
  • Intelligent Technologies of Microsystem Radio Electronic Equipment (Faculty of Radio Engineering);
  • Clinical Engineering (Faculty of Biomedical Engineering);
  • Biomedical Devices and Information Systems (Faculty of Biomedical Engineering);
  • Molecular Biotechnology (Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics);
  • Electronic and Information TV, Cinema and Audio Engineering Systems and Technologies (Faculty of Electronics);
  • Electronic Systems (Faculty of Electronics);
  • Computer Systems and Networks (Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science);
  • Computer-Aided and Robotics Systems (Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science);
  • Management of International Projects (Faculty of Management and Marketing);
  • Software of Computer and Information Retrieval Systems (Faculty of Applied Mathematics);
  • Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances (Faculty of Chemical Technology).
  • Power System, Control and Protection (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics)
  • Electrotechnical Devices and Electrotechnological Complexes (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics)
  • Electrical Machines and Apparatus (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics)
  • Automation of Electromechanical Systems, Electrical Drives and Electromobility (Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics)
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