Bachelor Degree (in English)

Bachelor Degree - education and qualification level of higher education, which provides a theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient to successfully perform of professional duties in chosen specialty.

Admission of foreign citizens to the "Bachelor" Degree program is carrying out on a competitive basis and in the form of a placement testing.

The main conditions for admission of a foreign citizen to complete Bachelor's Degree program are:

a)  Possession of a document certifying a senior secondary education;

b) Language skills at a level B1 or higher that should be confirmed at entrance examinations.

For admission to KPI them. Igor Sikorsky for the first year, fill out the online form.

Bachelor's programs in Ukrainian and Russian languages for each faculty.

Bachelor’s Degree programs available in English:

Faculty of Sociology and Law Administrative management
Conflict resolution and mediation
Electronic governance
Faculty of Electronics Acoustic electronic systems and technologies for acoustic information processing
Electronic Components and Systems
Electronic micro- and nanosystems and technologies
Micro- and Nanoelectronics
Institute of Aerospace Technologies Aircraft and space technology engineering
Planes and helicopters
Rocket and space complexes
Faculty of Applied Mathematics Software engineering
Faculty of Radioengineering Intelligent technologies of microsystem radioelectronic equipment
Radio communication and signal processing
Radio systems engineering
Radio engineering information technologies
Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science Computer systems and networks
Computer-aided systems software
Computer systems software
Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering Computer-integrated opto-electronic systems and technologies
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Medical engineering
Faculty of Management and Marketing International economics
Institute of Mechanical Engineering Production Engineering
Faculty of Chemical Technology Chemical technology and engineering


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