Why KPI?

Why “KPI”?  NTUU “KPI” - synergy between traditions and modern science.
  • Rank among top universities of the world according to QS World University Rankings;
  • Has multilevel education system, “bachelor”, “master”, Ph.D.,D.Sc.;
  • Provide possibility to obtain two different university degrees in parallel (Double Diploma program);
  • Graduate student obtains a Diploma of EU standard which valid in USA and CIS.
NTUU “KPI” offer high quality education for reasonable price
  • NTUU “KPI” education fee is lower in comparison with HEI of Western, Eastern Europe and Russia, that are in QS World University Rankings;
  • Wide range of technical, economical, humanitarian and medical specialties;
  • Training is conducted in 19 faculties and 10 education – scientific institutes;
  • Pre-admission Department available.
  • 14 scientific and research centers;
  • 12 scientific and research institutes;
  • 8 academic centers;
  • Design bureau;
  • Collaboration with more than 150 universities and many other international organizations from 34 countries of the world;
NTUU “KPI” it is international university
  • International students from 43 countries of the world have chosen NTUU “KPI”;
  • Ukrainian and Russian language training is available;
  • Education on Ukrainian and English language is available;
  • Religious tolerance;
 NTUU “KPI” it is prestigious!
  • Graduates of NTUU “KPI” have becoming scientists of global renown;
  • Offer the challenge to get prestigious work opportunities at any country of the world;
  • Trains professionals, masters of their crafts!
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