malushVice-director Vasyl Malush
All foreigners and stateless persons studying at the Igor Sikorsky KPI are provided with a hostel and have the opportunity to use the social and everyday infrastructure of the university: a library, including a reading room, medical centers, food outlets, assembly or concert halls, sports halls, stadiums and / or sports grounds similar to Ukrainian citizens. The total number of beds in the dormitories of the University is 11090. Information about the social and household infrastructure of the university campus is given in Table:

Name of the social infrastructure objects Number Area (sq.m)
1. Dormitories for students 21 147750,3
2. Living space per student in a hostel 5,89
3 Dining rooms and buffets 31 7777,33
4. Number of students per seat in canteens and buffets (persons) 6
5. Assembly Halls 3 1667,1
6. Sports halls 7 5178,3
7. Swimming pools 2 2562,6
8. Other sports facilities: -         stadiums -         sports grounds -         courts   3 2 1   18020,0 951,77 3635,6
9. Center for Culture and Arts 1 7916,8
The hostels of the university have a local computer network with Internet access; there are study rooms, gyms with the necessary equipment. There are points of provision of household services in the campus and hostels. All dormitories of the University are periodically inspected and comply with sanitary and building standards, fire safety requirements and occupational safety standards. Accommodations suitable for foreign students and students of the Preparatory department are located in five hostels of block and corridor type:
  1. Hostel №6, str. Academica Yangelya, 18/1.
  2. Hostel №17, str. Vyborska, 1.
  3. Hostel №18, str. Borshchagivska, 148.
  4. Hostel №19, str. Borshchagivska, 146.
  5. Hostel №20, str. Borschagivska, 144.
A maximum of 3 people live in residential rooms for foreigners. Rooms come with furniture and soft furnishings. Depending on their needs, international students have the opportunity to rent or purchase multimedia and home appliances for their own use. Each room has a separate shower and toilet. There are 2 shared kitchens and 2 shared toilets on each floor of the corridor-type dormitory. A social service operates in the university campus to facilitate the establishment of moral and psychological climate, as well as bodies of student self-government with representatives from foreign students. At the university dormitories, foreigners and stateless persons reside with Ukrainian students, which promote the internationalization of the university contingent. The conditions of accommodation and payment of services for accommodation of foreign students are conditioned by separate agreements between the directorate of the Igor Sikorsky KPI campus and foreign students. Foreign students and students of the Preparatory department may be evicted from hostels and / or expelled from the university if the agreement is violated. For the prevention of offenses on the part of foreigners and in relation to them, the Сompatriots have been created and the heads of the Сompatriots have been selected, which help the foreigners to adapt to the conditions and requirements of accommodation in hostels. Foreigners and stateless persons are provided with hostel placement notes, which identify key behaviors and accommodations at the hostel, as well as all the necessary contact telephone numbers. 18gNo tags for this post.