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Cost of education for foreign citizens 
in the Igor Sikorsky KPI 
in 2020/2021 academic year:3cost eng 20_21

Cost of education for foreign citizens in the Igor Sikorsky KPI
Centre for International Education
in 2020/2021 academic year:4cost eng 20_21

  1. Extramural education (Ukrainian and English languages) for students of all degrees and all Faculties/Institutes, except of Faculty of Management and Marketing:
    – not less than 2000$ USD per academic year.
  2. Extramural education (Ukrainian and English languages) at the Faculty of Management and Marketing for students of all degrees:
    – 2300$ USD per academic year
  3. Extramural Post Graduate Training Program (Ph.D. Degree) at all Faculties/Institutes:
    – (Ukrainian language) – 2400$ USD per academic year;
    – (English language) – 2600$ USD per academic year.
  4. Doctoral studies (D.Sc. after Ph.D. Degree) :
    – 5000$ USD per academic year.
  5. Internship:
    – not less than 400$ USD per month.
  6. Short term Internship to prepare for admission to Ph.D. training program:
    – not less than 250$ USD per month.
  7. Assistance in preparation for the defense of Ph.D. or D.Sc. theses and its implementation up to 5 months inclusive:
    – 100$ USD per month.

    Igor Sikorsky KPI Campus

    Foreign students, postgraduates and participants of Preparatory Department are provided with dormitories. Depending on the comfort level the accommodation cost is between 40 and 125$ USD per month.

    Other expenses

    Issuance of invitation letter (once) ~ 65$ USD.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Beneficiary (destinataire):
IBAN: UA653223130000025304000000016
National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
Kyiv, Ukraine
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