We congratulate the master’s degree graduates on the successful and exemplary completion of their studies

24 січня 2023 року урочисто вручено дипломи випускникам-іноземцям з нагоди успішного завершення навчання в КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського !photo_2023-01-25_14-45-43

В залі Вченої Ради КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського відбулася урочиста церемонія вручення дипломів магістрів для випускників-іноземців Університету випуску 2022 року.

Директор Центру міжнародної освіти Сергій Маулік виступив з вітальною промовою. Дипломи випускникам вручали представники/наукові керівники інститутів/факультетів КПІ: НН ІАТ, НН ІМЗ ім. Є. О. Патона, ІХФ та ФЕА.

Пишаємося, що серед 19 магістрів-іноземців, Ше Сянюй отримав диплом з відзнакою:


Попри війну, пʼятеро з девʼятнадцяти китайських студентів залишились в Україні й отримали дипломи особисто.

З нетерпінням чекаємо на нових вступників-іноземців 2023!

Dear students, your diplomas and diploma supplements are ready to be issued.

You can receive original and copies of your documents only personally. Another person can receive your documents by «power of attorney». To issue a «power of attorney» outside of Ukraine, you need:
  1. Prepare a power of attorney from a notary in the country where now you are and legalize it (legalization by the Embassy of Ukraine or apostille).
  2. Send the original power of attorney to your confident in Ukraine (use DHL or other postal services).
  3. In Ukraine, the confident make translation of the power of attorney into Ukrainian and confirm by notary. It is necessary 2 copies of notarized translation: the first – for the University, the second – for the legalization of diploma.
  4. The confident gives the original power of attorney and its notarized translation to the University in order to receive your education documents.
We pay Your attention that it is possible to receive documents only if there are no debts for studies and a dormitory. You must have no debt to the faculty/institute and the KPI library. In addition, you must send back your Temporary Residence Permit to the University common with the power of attorney. After you or your confident receives the Diploma and Diploma Supplement, next step must be legalization of diploma in Ukraine (consular legalization and/or apostille). You can get the information about procedure of consular legalization at the link: https://mfa.gov.ua/consul/forua/legalization/doc-covid.

You or your confident can submit documents for consular legalization after receiving the Diploma and Diploma Supplement

The University can submit your documents for legalization if you pay the bill of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and give a receipt till 25/07/2022 on e-mail: olgakor_cmo@ukr.net or telegram +380-66-494-63-19. The cost for consular legalization of a Diploma and Diploma Supplement is 300 UAH  (150 UAH for each document). Bank details for cost of legalization in UAH is at the link: https://mfa.gov.ua/consul/forua/legalization/doc-covid. You can get the information about procedure of apostille by the link: https://apostille.in.ua/.

You or your confident can submit documents for Apostille after receiving the Diploma and Diploma Supplement

You can receive and legalize documents within 1 year after completing your studies. After that, the Diploma and Diploma Supplement are utilized. Issuance of the documents is at the Centre for International Education, academic building 31, room 2-03. Operating hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:30 till 13:00 and from 14:00 till 17:00.
Опубліковано 25.01.2023
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