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Requirements for admission of foreign citizens to Postgraduate Training Program

The main conditions for admission of a foreign citizen to complete Postgraduate Training Program is possession of a Master’s Diploma; Students who has obtained appropriate education not in Ukraine, during admission to the Postgraduate Training Program should submit documents which have passed nostrification procedure in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Application for admission to Postgraduate Training Program must be addressed to the Vice-rector of NTUU “KPI” on Scientific Work.

The application shall have attached thereto:

  •  application form (blank form is issued by the Postgraduate and Doctoral Department of the NTUU “KPI”);
  • 3,5х4,5см. photo (3 pcs.).
  • a copy of the diploma specifying the obtained Master’s degree, notarized at the place of study;
  • photocopy of the attachment (s) to the Diploma (s) from the first year (those who have Diploma "with distinction" do not need to enclose the copy of application);
  •  abstract of a record of proceedings at meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty/Institute with recommendation for admission to Postgraduate Training Program (must be submited only by graduates of 2012, who was recommended by Academic Councils of faculties/institutes for admission to Postgraduate Training Program), all other applicants – do not provide anything;
  • list of publications and inventions, certified by the Head of Department at the domicile, (as well as copies of 2-3 publications) or an abstract on the chosen specialty. List of publications or abstract need to be provided with a written conclusion (review) of the intended supervisor based on the results of  the interview, essay or research papers;
    • medical health certificate;
    • passport and diploma (original) need to be handed in personally.

Post Graduate Program entrants passes through competitive examination on such disciplines:

  • test in the major subject;
  • philosophy;
  • foreign language (Ukrainian or Russian);

Entrance exams to Post Graduate Program are conducted in September –October.

Admission period starts at November 15.

  •  Course Duration – 3 years, full-time education.
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